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Author Topic: Lost use of Leviton 4 zone controller with migration from Lite to Plus  (Read 981 times)

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I made the plunge recently and upgraded from the Lite to the Plus. Nicely, 2 of my 4 zone levitons that had NOT been working began to work. However, I lost function in my other previously working 4 zone Leviton. Of course it is the main switch for the kitchen and proving to put a major dent in the Wife Approval Factor...'it worked BEFORE you upgraded....."  ouch.

I unpaired, reset and repaired fine and entered the scenes to control yet it will only operate 1 specific scene on button 1 only. Any other button with that same scene or any other scene on button one and it won't work. I have unpaired, reset and repaired and associated repeatedly with the Plus inches from the controller all to no avail. I even pulled the power from a z wave switch next to the 4 zone controller in the 3 gang box thinking it might be interfering. No luck.  The broken unit is the 4 zone without local load and the 2 that began to work have the local load control, if that makes a difference (RZCZ4 vs VRCZ4). Any thoughts?

I've read that the migration can affect some of the programming or settings in the device such as polling. I am not that advanced with this but is there a reference on what the various parameters should be so that I can verify correct status?

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Did you try un-pairing and cutting power to the device for a few minutes then re-pairing? I recall having the same issue with a Leviton device and it worked for me.
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Those 4-button Leviton Scene Controllers (+ Switch, in my case) are very, very finicky.  I experienced the exact same challenges when I upgrades from Vera Lite to Vera Plus.  It tooks a LOT of tries to finally get them working, and after having them work perfectly for a couple years, they decided last weekend to flake out again, so I had to redo the whole exercise.

I don't have a magic formula - had to try this 2-3 times with each controller to get them working, but they eventually did...

1) Exclude the scene controller (may or may not work, but try it anyway)
2) Do a full factory reset on the controller (Hold buttons 1+3 until they flash orange and then after a few seconds red, let them flash red for 3-4 flashes)
3) With your Vera Plus close (< 3 feet) to the controller, put the controller into include mode (Buttons 1+3 until orange flashing), then put Vera into include mode.  In my case, I had to disconnect Vera from my primary location and use the buttons on Vera to put it into include mode, which itself can be a pain to get right.
4) You know you've been successful when the orange flashers on the controller stop flashing, and you get a slighltly faster flashing pattern on the Vera z-wave light.
5) If your controller also has the load switch, keep the Vera in Include mode, and put the controller into include mode for the load switch (Buttons 2+4 until you get red lights).  Same process as steps 3 & 4 above.

Again, this didn't work on the first or second try, but eventually did on the third or fourth.  And then, give Vera a good 15-20 minutes to complete configuration of the controller afterwards - those controllers take quite a while to configure.

It is, unfortunately, trial & error, but given the similarity of your symptoms to mine, I suspect your switches are still good so I'd encourage you to keep trying.

The next time this happens to me, the controllers are getting replaced with single switches.  I don't have the time to monkey around with these things anymore.

I am unaware of any new zwave scene controller on the market since these Levitons and Evolves.  In addition to my Levitons, I have a couple of the Evolve LCD controllers, and I've managed to get and keep them working, but they're kind of ugly, and using the plugin to program them is klugy.  They now seem old & outdated.  I do wish someone would manufacture a good, programmable lcd/touch-screen type scene controller for zwave.