Author Topic: Using I2 on in-wall light module to SWITCH status on associated device?  (Read 304 times)

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I have Fibaro and Qubino modules installed behind my light switches to control the ceiling lights. I have also an extra switch connected to the I2 input. The I2 input have direct associations with other devices in the same room, for example socket switches controlling window lamps. This works great and because it is a direct association the control is fast and not dependent of the controller.

However, the physical switches aren't synced properly to the status in the controller! If I have turned on or off the device using the controller the device doesn't change status when the button is pressed. If the device is turned off using the controller I must first click the switch to "off" and THEN click once more to turn on the lamp. This, together with the normal delay, confuse some of the less tech savvy guests...

I would prefer that the associated device simply switched status when the button was pressed, so that it turned on if off and vice-versa. I tried to use momentary switches instead of toggle switches, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Have anyone solved this? I would prefer to avoid using a scene if possible.