Author Topic: Philio 2 in 1 sensor PAT02-B (temp & humidity)  (Read 85 times)

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Philio 2 in 1 sensor PAT02-B (temp & humidity)
« on: May 11, 2017, 07:55:55 am »
Hi, i just added a Philio 2 in 1 sensor (the PAT02-B) to my Vera Edge / UI7. Did it once as a Generic z-wave (because the philio 2 in 1 is not listed in vera), and once as a Philio 3/4 in 1 sensor. Both resulted in the same configuration and working of the device.

The device works OK defaults the temp setting to Fahrenheit, and I need it in Celcius.
So, shouldn't be a problem I thought, manual states Variable 5 with 4th bit set switches the device from F to C.
Added Variable 5 as 1 byte decimal with value 8 (it is not predefined as a setting in vera). But de device does not accept value 8 (vera shows message 'Failed at: Setting user configuration...'), and the interface shows that variable 5 has a current value of 41.

The Vera interface however shows a C (indicating Celcius mode) but switches back to F (fahrenheit mode) after some minutes. And the temp value shown is always a fahrenheit value, even when the interface shows C.

Does anybody know how to get this unit to work in Celsius mode? Tried so many things already...
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