Author Topic: Intermittent Local Connection After Migration From VeraLite To VeraPlus  (Read 594 times)

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After I decided to upgrade a locations controller  from the Vera Lite to a Vera Plus I am having problems connecting to the webserver locally. I added the Vera Plus as a "new controller" to my account and then setup the Vera Plus and upgraded the firmware on the unit. After doing so I backed up the Zwave network and did a settings backup of the Vera Lite. I then proceeded to do a "controller shift". Once that completed I restored the settings from the backup to the Vera Plus unit. I had some problems with a few scenes but was able to correct the problems as well as the battery operated Motion Sensors. I then deleted the Vera Lite unit from my account and unplugged it and stored it away for safe keeping. Now when I want to contact the Vera Plus webserver through the local IP on any computer in my network, the webserver refuses the connection. It doesn't do this when attempting to connect from the computer that I used to do all the upgrade work on but maybe half the time, or it least so it seems. However, almost every time I try to connect from a different computer in the same network, it refuses the connection immediately. It doesn't matter if the "firewall" settings on the Vera Plus unit under "Net & Wifi" is set to LAN connections only, or LAN & WAN allowed. The "Secure Vera" box is unchecked btw. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or perhaps have any knowledge as to why this is happening. It's infuriating  >:( when trying to access user & device data with programs that I am developing for this local network.