Author Topic: Vera Lite will not boot - flashing blue power light  (Read 983 times)

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Vera Lite will not boot - flashing blue power light
« on: May 19, 2017, 02:40:30 am »
There is a similar post in the forum regarding a bricked veralite,25122.msg176490.html#msg176490

The links within the post lead to a recovery tool provided by Vera that only works on Windows XP.  Yes, Windows XP.  If you are running Windows 10, and your machine is hyper V capable, you can theoretically launch a virtual XP machine--that is if you can find the virtual XP module somewhere in the wilds of the internet because the module is now deprecated by Microsoft. But if you can find the XP virtual machine, you can then supposedly load the vera tool. 

Unfortunately, most of my machines are not Hyper V capable and the one that is does not contain enough ram to launch the app even if I could find it.

Does anyone have an alternate way to connect with the vera lite?  My veralite does not respond to ping or arp (tried hard resets several times) and I cannot see the box on any IP scans regardless of the IP assignment of the host computer.  Has anyone tried to rewrite the recovery app for a modern OS? Or have an alternate way to contact the vera box through SSH or telenet?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Vera Lite will not boot - flashing blue power light
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 02:43:18 pm »
Hi there,

VeraLite hardware is contemporary with Windows XP I'm afraid, hence the XP, tool. However, any Windows 7 Pro with Windows XP Mode would work as well.

However, if you manage to put Vera in restore mode this attached file should help also.(Alternative to the XP tool)

Also Customer Care might be able to help as well, or at least try.

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Re: Vera Lite will not boot - flashing blue power light
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2017, 11:39:20 pm »
Just wanted to update this post in case anyone stumbles across it in the future.  After having no luck connecting to my bricked Veralite though Windows 7 or 10,  I managed to obtain an XP machine.  I loaded the recovery tool and the recovery firmware on the XP machine, plugged my Veralite directly into the XP machine, and after setting the XP machines IP address, immediately the recovery software recognized my Veralite.  I flashed the downloaded recovery firmware (UI5), and the Veralite booted straight up.  I then upgraded to the latest UI7 software, loaded my ZWave network from my backup files, and I was back in business.

I find it difficult to believe that this recovery tool cannot be modified for Windows 10, or even some linux flavor.  Planned obsolescence is not an endearing feature to a customer base.  I would suggest that Vera take a days worth of programming time and update the recovery software, as creating loyal Vera customers will go a lot further in encouraging hardware upgrades than if Vera tries to force hardware upgrades through failed legacy boxes.