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Author Topic: What should happen when Alexa is told to set thermostat temp when it's on hold?  (Read 476 times)

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Currently, my husband likes to set our Centralite Pearl thermostat to 78 degrees and then put it on hold (he's basically trying to override the schedule he had me set up). So I am wondering if we tell Alexa to set the temperature and the thermostat is on hold, should Vera ignore the command? I haven't actually tested it yet but wondering what it should do vs what it will do, and I am thinking that it should ignore it...or else remove the hold and set the current set point.

I would also like to know this because I have scenes to set the current set point at certain times of the day. I had to write Lua to do this as using the built-in scene options wasn't working (cool vs heat vs current set point). The code I have to do it doesn't look at the hold status and I'm thinking that it needs to, as the hold temperature seems to be getting set to the current set point temperature. I was hoping that the hold temperature was independent of the current set point.

Yeah, I am pretty well confused about how a thermostat is supposed to work!