Author Topic: I think my Vera Lite is sickly....should i move over to my backup Vera?  (Read 395 times)

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I was trying to add a new zwave device today on my Vera Lite UI5, but i failed..
The "notifications bar" on UI5 says:
"Add/Remove : ZWave network failed to go into learn mode. Aborting... Wait 1 minute and try again."

I also noticed it was really slow to go into pairing mode... So im wondering if the memory may be going bad within this unit.
I only really use this Vera as a radio, and do all automations via Openhab...this still works fine as it has done for the last few years.

So i was thinking should i get out my "test/backup" Vera lite whihc i bought for playing with UI7 and migrate over to it?

Before i do, some questions....
Is there some memory test or anything in the logs i can look for which may indicate failing memory on the UI5 unit?

Is it possible to join the UI7 Vera to the UI5 zwave network and move the zwave network configuration over ( slave? ) and then remove the UI5 unit?

If i do the above, will the deviceid's etc in vera change?



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Hello Greg,

It seems that the Z-wave chip on your Vera unit may have gone haywire.

Our Customer Care team, can easily verify this and attempt to resolve it. See my signature for the contact details.

Make sure the customer care is enabled for them, to make things faster.
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