Author Topic: Vera Edge Setup Wizard after the upgrade / restore  (Read 655 times)

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Vera Edge Setup Wizard after the upgrade / restore
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:45:14 pm »
After a suggested latest firmware update, everything was well, but two devices were reported as missing.

I had a few backups done during this year at various version of firmware upgrades, so selected an old backup from the list, ensured "Restore Z-wave" is selected and proceeded with the restore. VERA rebooted, I saw the messages on the top bar, telling me "restoring", etc.

It took a while to execute the restore, so I left it running overnight.
Checking in the morning by connecting via the relay I was presented with an initial Setup Wizard instead of the expected dashboard.

The Vera is remote, so I can not just re-run the Wizard and re-add all the devices.
I do have SSH access and other local copies of the backups.

Looking at the LuaUPnP.log I see that my devices actually being polled by VERA.
Querying the list via "curl", I do get the devices list as well.

Is there is anything I can do to get the GUI back at this point ?