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Author Topic: NOTE to customers who migrate from Vera2,3/Lite to VE/VP/VS  (Read 6470 times)

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A note to customers who are experiencing problems with migration from older Vera Controllers to the newer Vera Controller models using Z-Wave:
The purpose of this procedure is to make the process easier and smoother when migrating with the Z-Wave network from an older controller to a newer model. We?re offering this information to save our customers? time, especially for customers with larger networks.

Symptoms: "Can't detect device, all of a sudden Z-wave devices drop off the network. Some new Z_wave device won't work correctly(ZRC-90 Scene Master)" 
Some devices won't work with a migrated setup because in the migration process Vera's Node ID, changes from 1, to something else. It means that these devices are made to work with gateways with Node ID 1.

If you're not sure if you have a migration, you can check this under Settings->Z-Wave Settings. For NON migrated units will look something like this:
HouseID/Node: House: c1640211 Node 1 Suc 0. For migratedsetups, your Z-wave settings will look like this ]HouseID/Node: House: c1640211 Node 3f Suc 0

We've discovered some incompatibilities with the mesh routing algorithms due to the difference of the chipsets (Vera3/Lite runs Gen3 Z-Wave chip, Vera Edge/Plus runs Gen5 Z-Wave chip). Because of these incompatibilities, we recommend:
Remove and repair the devices that are failing after the transfer, and/or
If the Z-Wave network isn?t very large, we recommend resetting the whole network and re-including all the devices on the new controller.
We know this is not the most appealing solution, though this will prevent additional frustration later if devices stop working.
Rest assured we are continuing our efforts with the Z-Wave chip manufacturer to make the whole process easier, more stable, and more reliable.


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