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Easy ways to upgrade
« on: July 30, 2017, 08:03:37 pm »
I'm moving from a VeraLite to VeraPlus, and I'd obviously like that process to be as easy as possible.

I've seen that you can migrate settings and/or pair devices manually. If possible, I'd like to just migrate and hope for the best. Questions at this point are:

  • If there are any problems with migration, will I know about those fairly easily (missing devices, etc.)?
  • If my existing VeraLite has any problems, would those be imported/migrated, or could I expect them to fix themselves in the VeraPlus
  • If I decide to redo everything manually, is there an easy way to add devices that aren't near the controller. I'd rather not walk the controller around (on battery power) to every light switch, etc.

More details: I'm hoping the VeraPlus will be less error prone. I occasionally get phantom motion detection (but the motion detector itself isn't triggered) and I've been unable to upgrade firmare for a while. I'm also apparently missing some device that failed to load, and I'm hoping more horsepower will prevent these problems. I'd rather pay for a VeraPlus than deal with failed firmware upgrades...

Thank you for any tips!