Author Topic: Dakota Driveway System - A couple of notes  (Read 71 times)

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Dakota Driveway System - A couple of notes
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:39:24 am »
I built out a driveway sensor using tips, notes, and other information found on this site and it has worked pretty well for about a year. My sensor is mounted at about 6' height on a piece of fence stake that I've installed within some taller shrubs. I couldn't put it close to the ground without potentially having issues in winter with snow, so I opted to use the evergreen shrubs to help hide the green stake post and make it a bit less obvious.

I get some false positives with this setup since the stake does move a little in wind, but generally I prefer false positives to not triggering.

I have scenes created that will turn my front / driveway lights on if the sensor is tripped after sunset and leave them on for a couple of minutes before turning them back off. In the event that I open my garage door within a couple of minutes of tripping the sensor, then the exterior lights stay on past the timer and will turn off when the garage door closes.

My sensor is still running on the original 9V lithium battery, but I recently had lost all notifications of the sensor being tripped. I quickly chased the problem down to be a failed power supply for the receiver and contacted Dakota. I provided them with a general overview that I had the setup for about a year, wasn't seeing lights on the receiver, and finally was able to put a meter on the output of the  power supply and told him what I got for readings. That was pretty much the end of the conversation as he responded to ask for my shipping address so he could send a new power supply.

This product works really well, and clearly they stand behing their product. I'm going to look at putting a small battery backup type device on the power supply to ensure that flaky mains power issues don't kill off the power supply in the future.