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Outdoor PIR/Lux sensor
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:10:17 pm »
I recently found this sensor on AliExpress. Although not explicitly mentioned, this appears to be an indoor/outdoor sensor as one of the pictures show it being used outdoor. It's the shape of a small ball and screws closed. The electronics are enclosed inside the ball and only the CR123 battery shows so I'm confident this is indeed weatherproof to some degree. I mounted it in the corner above my front door under the eves so it's sheltered from direct sunlight and rain.

It looks to be Z-Wave plus and (once I figured out the tempo for the 3 click button push) it had no issues pairing with my VeraPlus. It's available in US and EU frequencies. (AU & RU frequencies contact seller)

Attached is a screenshot of the 3 devices it created. It's not showing a battery level so I may have to dig into the device attributes.

Note, I have no connection with this seller other than as a customer.

 Link to my source

 Link to EU version (This has pictures of the inside)

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