Author Topic: Somfy blinds + RFXtrx control: show multiple positions in one icon ?  (Read 665 times)

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I have a few Somfy blinds that I can control via Vera Edge --> RFtrx433e.
The following commands are possible:
Up: means curtain is completely up/open
Down: means curtain is completely down/closed
Stop: means that the curtain goes to a preferred position, in my case half open.

With a virtual switch, coupled to a scene with timed actions in it, I made a possibility to control the blinds to a 75% open position:
The sequence in the scene controls the blinds to go completely up, wait a while, than goes down for 4 seconds, and as a result it is 75% open.

Now I would like to show the actual position of the blinds in one icon, preferably on Imperihome, but I don't know if that is possible at all ?
In Imperihome I made 4 pictures:
curtain 100% open
curtain 75% open (by virtual switch)
curtain 50% open (preferred postion as per Stop command)
curtain 0% open

I can define 3 icons in Imperihome: open, close, and a transition.

I was thinking to have multiple virtual switched to control several scenes, but how to get these to control 1 icon I have no clue.
Anyone here that has worked out a situation like this before ?
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