Author Topic: Vera Plus - Privacy & Security - What data is uploaded to "my Vera Account" ?  (Read 368 times)

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I am looking to establish a basic home automation environment to control, lights, outlets, thermostats and DSC security system both locally and remotely over the web via a smartphone, tablet ore laptop.  The Vera Plus hub appears to be an excellent way to go given all of the protocols that it claims to support.  I am also NOT looking for a solution that remote access requires I go through a relay type of server solution.  I recognize this requires a static IP and the expertise to manage my firewall to enable remote access to the hub.  I have both a static IP and the ability to manage my firewall.

My questions / concerns are:

1.  The Vera Plus quick start guides I have downloaded show the creation of an account on the Vera "factory" server - is this required or is there a workaround ?

2.  If I access the Vera Plus hub directly over the web (i.e. not through the Vera relay server) do I lose any functionality or is the web interface / application totally contained on the hub itself ?

3.  Is the data / parameters used to setup screens etc. stored on the hub or is it also / only stored on the Vera server ?

4.  If I do not create an account can I still obtain software patches / upgrades ?

5.  Can I use a Mac laptop to access the Vera Plus hub or is a only compatible with Windows ?

Thanks for any assistance with this !