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[Working] Z-wave soil moisture sensor based on Fibaro RGBW module

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I have installed both Fibaro dimmer and the relay modules through out the house using clipsal saturn momentary switches . I am using a Vera lite.  One of the relay switches operates a transformer that is connected to strips of LED lights.  This module stopped responding a couple of weeks ago in that the lights stayed on both when operated by the z wave or manually.  I replaced the relay with a new one and it has operated for 4 to 5 weeks and is now staying on again.  I have removed it from the system and then re connected if I pole it it pings successfully.

One of my other Atom led controlled by a fibaro dimmer, that has been operating for weeks is now doing the same thing.

I also have a problem with the Atom LED downloghts flickering and the blue led in the switch flickering when the switch is off,

Can anyone help



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