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Alexa commands !
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:13:36 am »
After you enable a smart home skill in the Alexa app or in the Alexa Skills store and add your smart home device, you can say simple commands to control the smart home devices with Alexa.

Commands are given by Amazon API and the list is here:
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Re: Alexa commands !
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 02:50:45 am »
There are also some commands that work while not being publicly stated by Alexa but have been found by trial-and-error by various Alexa users.

ON Commands   
Alexa, turn on <Device Name>   
Alexa, start <Device Name>   
Alexa, open <Device Name>   
Alexa, boot up <Device Name>   
Alexa, run <Device Name>   

OFF Commands   
Alexa, turn off <Device Name>   
Alexa, stop <Device Name>
Alexa, stop running <Device Name>
Alexa, close <Device Name>   
Alexa, shutdown <Device Name>   
Alexa, shut <Device Name>   

DIM Commands   <Position> is a percentage or a number 1-10
Alexa, brighten <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, dim <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, raise <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, lower <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, set <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, turn up <Device Name> to <Position>   
Alexa, turn down <Device Name> to <Position>

These might change from one Alexa firmware update to another, so try and see what works...

Hope this is useful.