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Author Topic: Garage Door Plugin  (Read 168109 times)

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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #450 on: May 24, 2018, 06:20:15 pm »
THey can't be the same ... each one requires a different device type
... A Security sensor device to sense the position and a Switch device to be toggled to get the door moving to the correct position.

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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #451 on: May 24, 2018, 07:34:21 pm »
So the problem here is that the Linear garage door opener has switch and a sensor built in, unlike older iterations where u would have a separate switch and a separate sensor, 2 devices this shows up as only one, a garage door, which is great but the problem is that VC and everything else sees it as a Switch - that only responds to the turn on/off the garage door. this is not really great because it  gets really confusing when you are trying to open or close, dont know weather to day turn on of turn off.

the Garage door plugin is great for the simple fact that it should turn this into a simple door lock with the open close feature. so with that said this is what i am trying to accomplish

here is the Invoke for the garage door
Code: [Select]
SetTarget (newTargetValue)


SetPollFrequency (PollingEnabled,PollMinDelay)
AllowPairing (Seconds)


ResetNetwork (ResetMode,HomeID,ZeroMemory)
PutByte (StartAddress,StopAddress,Value)
ReconfigureAllNodes (FailedOnly)
UpdateNeighbors (Device)
BackupDongle (Restore)
RemoveNodes (InclusionMode,NodeType,Timeout,Multiple,Reload)
AddNodes (InclusionMode,NodeType,Timeout,Multiple,ControllerShift,Reload)
HealNetwork (BatteryMinutes,Node,StressCycles,Configure,ManualRoute,StartStage,StopStage)
SetPolling (IsTemporary,PollingEnabled,PollDelayInitial,PollDelayDeadTime,PollMinDelay,PollFrequency)
SendData (Node,Data)
SimulateIncomingData (Data)

SetArmed (newArmedValue)

as u can see it does have both a switch and sensor but it is seen as one unit  - thus there is where the problem lies

thanks for the support @ rich

but all i want is open/close vs turn on/off
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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #452 on: May 24, 2018, 09:14:07 pm »
When I installed my NuTone (replacing a broken Insteon), which should be similar to your Linear, the new device simple opens and closes. So I got rid of 3 devices and the garage door plug-in.
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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #453 on: May 24, 2018, 09:38:43 pm »
I fixed it the reason i did this i because i use vera Concierge and i prefer to say "ok google unlock/open garage door" instead of "ok google TURN  OFF garage door" because most times i cant remember if off = close or off = open so i just figured id get something like this

attached is the implementation file that made it work for me  .. because for some reason the sensor service does  not work

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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #454 on: August 16, 2018, 04:23:58 pm »
Since the last or next to last f/w upgrade on my VeraPlus, I'm having issues getting my FortrezZ MIMO Lite to "stick" in the OFF position. I've changed Status Variable numerous times to 0 instead of 1 and then reloaded the LUA and refreshed the browser. For a time it will show OFF but after a bit I'll look again and it says it is ON and the Status Variable will have reverted to 1 again. How to make this stick on OFF instead of ON (bit 0 instead of bit 1)?

Also, should this switch be controlled by Z-Wave or by the Garage Door Control Plugin?

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Re: Garage Door Plugin
« Reply #455 on: September 03, 2018, 08:27:32 am »
I have a question.

My gate openers (open/close) act if the NO (Normally Open) contacts are closed for ~1/2 or 3 secs (like pressing a button).
I have attached a fibaro switch with a relay (NO) that switches the gate and makes contact to the contacts resulting in opening or closing the doors.
Additionally I have enabled "DelayLight controller" and created a delaylight to switch that particular fibaro switch to OFF after 2 seconds if pressed to ON.

This works very good.

The next step is to put an open/close sensor to the gate to see if it open or closed and use this garagedoor plugin to really open / close instead of toggle and so vera really knows that status.

My questions:
- Is there any built in "reset" like i currently created wtih delayligth embedded in the garagedoor pluging that can interfere?
- If I reference the physical switch with garagedoorplugin, and it is "auto-offed" vie delaylight, will that be ok?
- What are the pincodes used for? Do I need them? Can I leave it blank and ignore it?

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