Author Topic: New issue with Schlage locks  (Read 3947 times)

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Re: New issue with Schlage locks
« Reply #60 on: July 10, 2018, 08:10:55 pm »
Ditto, Schlage Deadbolt on a Vera Plus on 1.7.3831 no longer recognizes/reports keypad PINs.

I have several scenes that run when specific PINs are entered: lua script welcoming people home by name, playing a sound, etc. Those scenes no longer trigger. they?ve been running for better part of 2 years.

Scenes that only require reporting of door being unlocked still work (lights turning on).

Model: Schlage BE469NX
FW_Ver: Main_6.8

The latest firmware update seems to have broken something again. Vera can control the lock, but it doesn?t report manual lock/unlocks via the lever or locking/unlocking via the lock?s keypad.
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