Author Topic: First Alert CO/Fire Detector ZCOMBO Waiting for wakeup to configure ... FIX  (Read 1254 times)

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First Alert CO/Fire Detector ZCOMBO Waiting for wakeup to configure device...  FIX

Finally got the Waiting for wakeup to configure device... to go away

you need to go to the device > advanced > commands> configure node now
as the process starts
   put the smoke alarm back in to pairing mode
      open battery door > hold button > close door > wait 1 second  > let go of button
you have less than 30 seconds before it times out
on the main dashboard it will say getting manufacturer, setting associations, ....
the writing will be in blue
once it is highlighted in red the process has timed out
then ...
put the smoke alarm back in to pairing mode
       open battery door > hold button > close door > wait 1 second  > let go of button
Bob's your uncle!!

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Holy S#IT, that finally worked.  you have no idea how many times i've deleted it and added it... thank you!!!!!

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Scheduled this weekend to pair 3 of these I got on sales. Thanks for the tip! I do tend to leave battery operated devices next to Vera over night so configuration completes but this looks a lot quicker and I'm wondering if it applies to most battery powered devices...
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I have done almost the same thing, but simpler. With the battery cage slid out hit the configure node now button and then push in the tray, works every time.

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During the initial inclusion process it appears that the CO/Smoke detector times out before Vera gets all the info, as the 10 seconds or so it's not long enough to to transfer the few bytes worth of data. Anyway, as patrickspc noted blue means that Vera is still trying and red means that Vera is no longer communicating to the device. To make the story short, during the inclusion, after the second beep I pulled out the battery drawer and while holding the button I pushed back in - thus extending the time that Vera and the device communicate. I've got a message that the configuration was completed. Good luck with this cheap stuff!

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Does this waking up via battery tray work from the final installation point, or should the detector be moved back to within 10' of the controller?  That is, will the configuration completion work through the z-wave mesh network?   My detector is mounted 22' up, and 200' from the controller.    I suppose if I have to get the battery tray out, I may as well bring it down to the controller, but that's one more hike up a wobbly extension ladder I'd like to avoid.