Author Topic: Lock log show all events?  (Read 416 times)

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Lock log show all events?
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:48:45 am »
New to Vera here.  I have a very basic setup so far with a Vera Plus controller and a Kwikset 914 lock.

Mostly things are working but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the log is so sparse.  It only seems to register events/alerts that are done via the keypad.  Why is that? I can see it change state in the interface when the bolt is manually locked or unlocked with the key or knob so it clearly knows when that type of event has happened.

Also I have to say the columns are rather lacking and you have to click every event/alert to see anything useful.  Why isn't there a column for event (eg. lock, unlock, bad pin) and source such as user/PIN, manual(key), keypad, etc.  Or else this combined.  Instead I see this, which is nearly useless:

Date/Time            Description      Source         Type

2017-10-17 13:56:15      Kwikset Door Lock   Kwikset Door Lock   Device changed ..   
2017-10-16 09:48:04      Kwikset Door Lock   Kwikset Door Lock   Device changed ..   
2017-10-15 15:17:04      Kwikset Door Lock   Kwikset Door Lock   Device changed ..   
2017-10-15 11:27:20      Kwikset Door Lock   Kwikset Door Lock   Device changed ..   

It should look something like this (with my wished for manual events starred that the unit knows about because it sees the state changes):

Date/Time            Description                  Source         Type

2017-10-17 13:56:15      "Lock" button pressed            Kwikset Door Lock   Locked
2017-10-17 13:56:15      Manual local action               Kwikset Door Lock   UnLocked*   
2017-10-16 09:48:04      "Lock" button pressed            Kwikset Door Lock   Locked
2017-10-16 09:30:00      Manual local action               Kwikset Door Lock   UnLocked*
2017-10-15 17:10:00      Manual local action               Kwikset Door Lock   Locked*
2017-10-15 15:17:04      UserID="4" UserName="GuestFall2017"   Kwikset Door Lock   Unlocked   
2017-10-15 11:27:20      "Lock" button pressed            Kwikset Door Lock   Locked
2017-10-15 11:27:20      Manual local action               Kwikset Door Lock   UnLocked*

Any tips welcome.


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Re: Lock log show all events?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2018, 09:03:54 am »

Did you ever get anywhere with this?   I too am looking for more detailed events.   I get a notification when a lock is unlocked, but no ability to get events when its locked.

Just started digging around this morning to see what was out there and saw this post.
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