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has anyone used this Zwave RGB bulb yet?  Its significantly cheaper than the aeotec that is confirmed to work and not that much more than a white LED.   Was looking to use it for an outdoor post light.

I bought 4.  Work OK, no frills.  Color display on Vera UI doesn't show the selected color.

Hi - I just bought two of these.  They worked for maybe 10mins.  Now they only turn on/off and dim.... do not change colors.  When I look at the variable history in AltUI, it shows the change, but then it changes right back to cool white:

Date   Old   New
03/15/18 8:08:37.328   0=0,1=0,2=232,3=60,4=11   0=230,1=0,2=232,3=60,4=11
03/15/18 8:08:36.554   0=230,1=0,2=161,3=233,4=11   0=0,1=0,2=232,3=60,4=11

I tried to Delete via VERA and AltUI and it will not delete.

Anyone else?

About to try parameter 255 which resets bulb to factory

I bought eight of them. Four ground level and two for each porch level. They work great. I set scenes where each floor is different ie red-white-blue  or green for St Patties day etc. My only complaint is changing the colors is tedious. In order to get each bulb exactly the same you have to use your computer (phone and ipad much less precision) ......find the color you like.... and go into the variables screen to copy the numerical value. You must then copy that value to each other device as current color and target color. Too bad there is not a way to simply choose basic colors like "warm white"-"red"- "blue" etc.

I have two - agree that changing color is harder than I would like; and programming a scene requires hex number.  Also they get recognized as dimmer light on Alexa; not RGB.  The ones I got were manufactured by Hank in China.


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