Author Topic: VeraPlus (firmware 1.73232) and Leviton 4-Scene Controller VRCS4-MR: no scenes  (Read 455 times)

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I am trying to make a new VeraPlus work with Leviton z-wave (not z-wave plus) devices already installed in my home.  It has been a trial; the list of compatible devices does not list a single Leviton device.  I added a Leviton VRCS4-MR (4-sceen controller with switch - single pole) to my z-wave network as a generic zwave device.

It appeared in UI7 as two devices, which is appropriate.  One device is the scene controller and that device options for scenes to activate.  My problem is that scenes are not activated as expected.

Some relevant parameters visible from the advanced tab of the scene controller are:
device_file: D_SceneControllerLED1.xml
 (I can provide other parameters from the advanced tab,  if that would help)

The switch appeared as an appliance switch
(I can turn the switch on and off through VeraPlus)

My problem is that scenes are not activated when I press the scene buttons on the Leviton 4-botton controller.  I have keyfob with 4 buttons added to my network, and it functions as expected.  I've configured those scenes to activate with the Leviton 4-button controller, but VeraPlus does not seem to get the message.  A number of us have a substantial investment with installed Leviton 4-scene controllers and these devices worked okay with UI5.  I hope that these device will continue to work with VeraPlus,  Has anyone else got a pointer or two to help me with this, please?

I doubt this is relevant, but the keyfob config files are: