Author Topic: KAKU device type change does not work  (Read 276 times)

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KAKU device type change does not work
« on: November 06, 2017, 06:29:41 am »

I have the RFXtrx device connected to my Vera edge. Works fine. I have many devices including some KaKu dimmers. All of these work well except for one. When this KaKu dimmer is detected by the vera edge/RFXtrx it sees it as a switch and not as a dimmer. This is strange. I have reset this a couple of times but does not seem to help. In the settings of the RFXtrx you can go to manage device and than choose "change device type' which i tried some times as well. This however does not seem to have any result.

Does anyone have clue?

see attached pics.