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Author Topic: Vistacam 1100  (Read 2916 times)

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Vistacam 1100
« on: January 09, 2016, 02:45:50 pm »
Very much a newbie here.  I just installed a Vistacam 1100 but can't seem to get it to arm.  There are almost no instructions for installation included and while the video is good it does not give you the nuts and bolts of using the camera.  Can anyone help me?

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Re: Vistacam 1100
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2016, 10:41:27 am »
I just installed this camera myself a week ago. It was the most expensive one out there, but I went with this one because after reading all the problems people had with VeraEdge controller to pair with different camera models (way cheaper), I wanted something simple to configure.
Well, it wasn't so simple. I first went for the "wired mode" which I thought to be my best bet, but after trying a couple of times it did not detect the camera. Given that this camera model is listed as out of the box supported device, I didn't want to mess around with custom configuration (by the way, why would I want to take a chance with that when there is 0 documentation on what each parameter does and what the values are ?).
So I decided to try the "wireless setup". It took sometime to pair but eventually it did. I pretty much did what described in the 5 little pages of the poor instructions it comes with.  In my case the camera is not too far from the router, but if I want to install another which is further I might have some troubles.
In conclusion I spent 300 bucks for this camera (and it is a good camera). I think the main issue is the Vera controller ... in my opinion it is not optimal for cameras. I also use it for a lock with zwave, and for that it works great. I would be disappointed to have to install another controller that works better for cameras.

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Re: Vistacam 1100
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2016, 04:19:33 pm »
For me the installation process worked somehow. At some point the camera showed up. So far so good.

Unfortunately Vera supports really only a fraction of what the camera is capable and the driver/plugin or whatever that is called has bugs.

For example, for motion detection Vera does NOT use the integrated PIR - it used camera motion detection. This is the reason why you get tons of motion reports. Basically every rain drop generates an alarm. When you change it manually to use the infrared sensor (PIR) instead of motion detection in the movie, it works pretty well. The problem is though, hat Vera randomly reconfigures the camera and overwrites the manual changes you made directly on the cam.

There are other bugs such as the video length is harcoded to +/- 5 secs when motion occurs. This means: you will see how an intruder appears on the site , but then the camera stops. In the Vera GUI you can set other time frames, but they are just ignored.

The solution looks quite promising because the video is actually uploaded to the Vera cloud, you don't have to set up anything. Really great idea, but the actual implementation is very, very slow. Videos are sorted in very weird ordering on the mobile client. Some videos just don't show up (although I get an alarm telling me that there would be some video recording). And you know, when you really want to check when you get an alarm it needs to be super fast, the intruder is already gone otherwise. I also have many problems on the mobile client where it says that it can't connect (to Vera cloud storage I guess).

All in all: not so superb when you consider the price of the cam. I have three of them, go figure. I'm so pissed that I'm not even bother installing the third one until the fix the PIR problem. This bug is really crazy, they advertise and sell a camera with a passive infrared sensor and are not capable of using the sensor at all.

Yes, I reported the bugs very detailed. It took several weeks until I got a response. They promise to fix it. Don't know when.

It is just the same as with the rest of the Vera software: the quality is below any kind of beta stage that I would consider showing to my clients as a pre-release software. They don't seem to have any kind of quality control. Many features obviously have not been tested, because they just don't work. This is a real bummer, I kind of like the UI, I'm also willing to to some manual stuff as I'm a software developer myself, but this quality is really beyond of anything that should be sold commercially.

But there is hope. I'm sure there are nice people working at Vera giving their best.

Regarding the hardware: the camera is really great. It is not from Vera of course, it is a standard Sercomm camera (OC431). More info here:

Here is some info about the wireless and power-over-internet adapter:

BTW: the adapter says it would be only good for 110V which is not true. As I live in Europe I was searching for the manual where it is clearly stated that it works also for 230V. I imported the cam from US with labeled 110V adapters and run them on 230V. It is only labeled for US but works universal.

Here comes the trick: use the cameras direct UI. Lookup the IP address the camera got in your router or in the Vera UI. In my case I can connect to There you have the possibility to live-stream using either Flash or Quicktime. Oh boy... You think the same thing? Outdated technology... Total crap, but at least it works. Then you can go to the admin tab and configure your cam.

The magic answer to the next question is: Username=administrator, password=admin

Now look at all those options: live-stream to ftp,smb etc servers, get mail notifications on events, properly configure motion detection (in case you really don't want to use PIR) by defining the 'motion areas'. Hey, cool stuff, however you need an old computer because this motion configuration works with - hold your breath - a Java applet. WTF! It's 2016! We all HATE Flash, Quicktime and Java Applets, we all love HTML5! It is so bad.

I guess the Vera guys want to hid all this for a good reason and make it just work in the controller, and actually their on the right path, but the quality and features are just not there yet.

So, to sum it up:

If you are a nerd, if you like spending a lot of time with your tech-toys, if you like hacking and messing around - go for it. I don't mean this sarcastic, although I think there is a lot of crap in this solution it I also like it because I like to fix things and find ways to make stuff work.

If you have no clue and need something that just works - buy yourself a Canary and don't use z-wave at all and certainly not Vera.

Is it a rant ? - well, you judge.

PS: and by the way: what childish crap are those silly questions about Newtons Apple, Eiffel Tower etc. Really, it's 2016!

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Re: Vistacam 1100
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2018, 01:50:28 pm »
So my wireless access poInt does not have WPS to connect the RP131 to it. Do you know how I hook to that and configure it to connect to my router?