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Integration with Property Management Software
« on: November 13, 2017, 05:05:34 pm »
I am not sure where this post belongs but I thought I would start here.  I own several vacation rental properties and I use a very slick service called  When I get a booking through one of the sites, I export it into this system which manages my reservations (dates, check-ins, emails to guests, etc.).  It is quite nice.  Lately the site has been adding functionality to manage smart and WIFI door locks.  For example, you get a new booking, which you authorize, then the system determines a pin code for your guest and automatically updates it on your lock.  They have done this for a few different sorts of locks.

Anyhow I have suggested that they consider integrating Vera system Zwave locks and they said that they would be happy to investigate if I can point them to information on how to access Vera (I would even offer one of my systems as a test beta system for them to work on).

My question is where do I point them to start?  Are there some good references on how to access the Vera system remotely?  I have been reading some information but it says that after UI5 the process is obsolete.    Can someone suggest some resources I could point them too?  I am assuming they are talented developers (the site they built and maintain is quite slick and worth my monthly subscription fee).