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Migrating from Iris
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:36:09 pm »
I will first say that I like Iris. A lot of people knock it but I think it works extremely well and with the pro monitoring package it is a solid system. The support is top notch as well so I have few complaints. However, it does lack some functionality like IFTTT and so forth. A friend of mine uses Vera and has for years. We have been talking about our respective setups and I thought I'd gather more info.

I tried a Wink 2 hub for a couple of hours and went right back to Iris because Wink lacked some "deal breaker" features.

I have a few questions and hopefully someone can provide me the information.
1) Am I able to create users and assign them to specific door locks within the mobile app? Wink  can do this but only with Schlage locks. I prefer the Kwikset locks so this was a no-go for Wink.
2) Does Vera have any sort of professional monitoring service like Iris does? Their service is along the lines of an ADT and costs half what ADT does while being much more flexible.
3) Will Vera pair with first generation Iris contact and motion sensors? I have a ton of these and I am unwilling to buy new ones. Wink can pair with 2nd generation Iris sensors but not first. It really makes no sense because they are standard ZigBee.

I will ask other questions as I think of them.