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Author Topic: Trying To Get TZ45 Therm To Read Everspring 814. I Beg Of You For Help :)  (Read 440 times)

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Okay,  so skill level....ummmmm,  I am not totally clueless on my Veralite with setting it up etc,  buuuut when you guys start talking about using LUA or LUUP or PLEG,  I get lost pretty quickly but I am super eager to learn and have been reading all of your posts. 

So I have a newer cookie cutter house and the builders mounted the thermostat in a terrible location where sun and vents affect it.   Figured I could buy the TZ45 after searching and searching and just pair it with my Everspring Remote Temp Sensor and viola.    Went to the installer screen on the TZ-45 and found the "remote sensor" section which has the 2 wireless sensor sections and typed in the Node ID but it just never picks up the temp from the sensor.  The TZ45 can use 2 wired remote sensors but also 2 wireless,  but I just can't get the dang thing to use the Everspring 814.

Question.... Does the TZ45 have to connect to the Everspring 814 DIRECTLY or something?   Right now I have the Everspring paired with my Veralite and was thinking with a Node ID assigned to it from Veralite,  I could just tell the TZ45 the node ID and off we go. 

Thanks for any help guys.   Sure hope to someday be able to control my home automation even half as good as some of you.