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Author Topic: Standard Z-Wave devices as widgets / actuators @Imperihome (Pro)  (Read 992 times)

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Hi :)
After several setup trials to see any device @Imperihome, now I can see "5 devices", but not the one who I need.
Following devices / apps are installed @Vera dashboard.
- System monitor app
- Squeezbox control app
- Netatmo thermostat (curr. not working due to missing valves (instead of a thermostat) app
- PLE app
- Z-Wave rain sensor POPP Z-Rain (700168) (room "garden") (all other "no room")
added as "standard Z-wave" device @Vera - I can see a "level value xyz" @Vera dashboard
@Imperihome UI7 I can see only the Home / Away switch ... from Vera dashboard as "My Modes" (1 widget) and the PLE (4 widgets (all widgets have the bulb symbol)

Question: How can I see a standard Z-Wave device @IH? I use a generic RF controller system named "Light manager" from jbmedia Germany and all the devices from that controller are visible as "actuators" @IH.
Is there a todo @Vera to describe a standard Z-wave device in a xyz id to identify this device as actuator @IH?

Thanks for help :)
IH with pro licence (4.3.1)