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Author Topic: RFXtrx433e Gate opening  (Read 455 times)

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RFXtrx433e Gate opening
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:13:17 am »
First time poster, be gentle please :-)

I am a new VeraSecure user and am happy so far. Now I would like to open and close my iron gate using Vera and I wonder what the best way is to do that. At the moment I have an older installation using Proteco linear cylinders which are driven by a Q60A board (http://manuals.easygates.co.uk/PDF/misc/mygate.pdf). Although it communicates via 433.92 I understand from Bert at RFXCom that the RFXtrx433e can't communicate with it.
The only possibility I have found is to exchange the hardware with Somfy SGS 501 (https://service.somfy.com/downloads/uk/sgs_210-501_installation_guide.pdf). Is there anybody who has experience with this? I don't want to go through all the hassle and expenses of installing a new system only to find out that it doesn't really work well. Is the fact that there is so little to find about opening gates with Z Wave an indication that it is perhaps better to staw away from it?

Thanks all for your suggestions!