Author Topic: Vera PLEG Frustration  (Read 344 times)

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Vera PLEG Frustration
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:49:45 pm »
I am new to Pleg and installed it this morning. I have tried to find tutorials, but they just don't cover what I am looking for. My screens do not even look close to the videos or screenshots everyone else is showing. I tried to get a simple, if this switch is on, then turn on this other switch. It is not triggering. And yes, the plugin is armed.  :)

I am running UI7 and have played with AltUI. Here is the scenario I am faced with.

I have a weekend rental that has 2 floors, each floor is a separate rental, but you can rent the entire house at the same time. I have one vera unit with the following modes configured for:
1. Home = Enables Upstairs lighting and HVAC controls only
2. Away = Enables Downstairs lighting and HVAC controls only
3. Night = Enables both floors lighting and HVAC controls
4. Vacation = All are disabled

Since the standard scene configuration capabilities are limited, I need a "and" condition rather than an "or" condition to make automation work with switching between modes. I am trying to control all of this switching automatically from a Google Calendar for the triggering of the different combination of rental possibilities.

Current configuration:
tVswitch1 triggered when it is turned on
cVswitch1 condition to verify switch is on
Action to turn on Vswitch2

I turn on Vswitch1 and nothing happens. Looking for help after trying to resolve this simple exercise after 4 hours of frustration.