Author Topic: Triggering off of double/triple taps on light switches  (Read 298 times)

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Triggering off of double/triple taps on light switches
« on: December 14, 2017, 04:33:12 pm »
I'm trying to trigger scenes based on double tapping or triple tapping light switches.   I have a couple ("On/Off ZWP Z-Wave Plus in Wall Smart Light" and "GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless dimmer 14294").  I'm a programmer, but am fairly new to Lua/Luup, and only have had my Vera for a couple months... so please forgive dumb questions, or feel free to point me to existing resources that I haven't found yet.

I've seen other topics about how to create lua code to execute only based on second/third executions based on a timer/variables to see if the second event comes quick enough ( but my problem is finding what event to trigger off of.  The Web UI generally only gives me the option of looking at on/off, or energy consumption based events.  The on/off's only get fired if the load is actually turned on and off, not based on the button press (so it only comes for single events after the light actually turns on or off and also would trigger if remotely activated without the switch being touched at all).

In researching, I've seen comments about some devices having "groups" and get the sense that it means a single physical device but have multiple virtual devices show up that do different things... but I could be misinterpreting that and I definitely only see one device (in both of my switches, I used "generic z-wave device" to pair the devices).  I also started looking at the advanced luup editor when creating a scene as adding an action for a given device seems to show all the available variables... but I don't see anything related to actual button presses (such as time since last double press or something of that nature)... and that would only be useful if I ran a luup script something like every second to check status of that... I really need a notification.

How can I first find out what notifications these switches are sending out, and then second, capture/react to those notifications to trigger a scene or luup code?  Is there any pluggins that would help with this (I haven't managed to find one yet).