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Author Topic: Devices missing Manufacturer info/Device Options, slow to update in Vera UI  (Read 446 times)

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Hi all,

I have a bunch of Nano Dimmers and Dual Nano Switches in my place at the moment, with a Vera Plus.   Most of the Nano Dimmers are straight from Aeon, but 2 are branded from Oomi and have an additional NFC chip.    The Dual Nano Switches are all from Aeon.

I'm having a few niggles:

1.  If I turn on lights from my PC/App, generally they're quick but sometimes can take a while to kick in
2.  If I turn on the lights from the switch, Vera is very slow to update it's UI.   This seems to be a polling issue but I don't know how to solve for it.

I've noticed that the Aeon Nano Dimmers, as they have an actual device to choose from in Vera when setting up, are populated with a Manufacturer/Model Number and a whole bunch of built in Device Options.   The Oomi branded ones however, even though I chose the Nano Dimmer device when setting up, don't have any of this stuff populated.    Same goes for the Dual Nano Switches, as there currently isn't a dedicated option to choose when setting up the device, so I had to use Generic.

I'm thinking this is the cause of the issue, as the Aeon Nano Dimmers (that were set up using the dedicated device and show all the Device Options/Manufacturer details etc) do update instantly in Vera when I use the physical light switch.

So, is there a way to tell Vera that the Oomi branded dimmers are actually Aeon ones so that it fills out the details properly, and thus updates quickly in the UI?  And likewise for the Dual Nano Switches?