Author Topic: Can't get the Ademco panel sensors to show up in the Vera interface  (Read 246 times)

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I'm sure I'm just missing something simple, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the sensors that were installed by the security system installers to show up in the Vera interface. I have 3 of them showing, and I know that I installed them as I was trying to get the Envisalink 4 connected. I know that I installed them because the name that is associated in the Vera interface is different than the security installers used in the panel, and I can remember naming the three of them as I was trying to get Envisalink to work. Now, everything works great, but I am trying to go back to add the rest of the door and motion sensors (I'm assuming that I can use the sensors to trigger scenes and lights, etc.) and I can't get the Vera to "accept" them. In the security system panel (in Vera) I have found where I remember adding the first 3 sensors, I name them by pulling the "panel accepted words" down from the Ademco panel to assign a name to each, then I am clicking "reload" everywhere I can find the icon in the Vera interface (everywhere that has to do with security that is) and nothing. When I look at the interface again the original 3 door sensors are the only ones showing. I have refreshed the browser a thousand times and restarted the Vera several. Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

Thanks All!