Author Topic: Only 4 devices coming over on upgrade (VeraLite to Plus)  (Read 75 times)

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Only 4 devices coming over on upgrade (VeraLite to Plus)
« on: December 31, 2017, 04:28:17 pm »
I'm upgrading from VeraLite to VeraPlus. I've saved a backup (with a recent z-wave network backup) of the VeraLite, and tried to restore it to the VeraPlus without success.

Only 4 devices come over: PLEG, VeraAlerts, MultiSwitch, and RGBController (hmm... all of those are "virtual" devices).

I also get PLEG "exceeded free limits", so I bought another license and activated it, but the old license always comes over when I wipe and restore. I assume that's not causing the problem, but I mention it just in case.

Any tips on how I can make more progress? Am I doing the "upgrade" process more or less correctly?

I know I can (should) rebuild everything from scratch, but I'm obviously trying to avoid that. The VeraPlus has been sitting in a box, and I figure I can live with the existing minor problems?things can't be any worse on better hardware, right?

FYI, the VeraLite was on a fairly old firmware (because updating was often problematic). I updated the VeraPlus before restoring/uploading.

Thank you.
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