Author Topic: Slow but guaranteed was of making synchronous announcements in your home  (Read 218 times)

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I just bought a bunch of chromecast audios for my house and by using Autovera/Tasker and a plugin called Casttask Ive managed to get synchronous announcements of statuses throughout my house

Its a very simple way of setup - only drawback is the time it takes for the announcement to be announced - the major advantage over AutoCast is that Casttask will stream to groups AND it will reconnect each time a broadcast needs to occur. Makes it perfect for whole house broadcasts if you dont need a timely broadcast (can take as little as 4s and up to 10s).

Seeing as the development of AutoCast has stagnated for groups I thought Id just share this very cool straightforward plugin.

If anyone has been able to do this using AutoInput and the Home App, could you let me know how you did it.

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