Author Topic: Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode  (Read 257 times)

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Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:20:16 pm »
Hello All -

Apologies for posting this in "General".  It encompasses a few different areas (security, PLEG, remote control, etc) and wasn't sure where to drop this.

I use iPhoneLocate to control the status of my home.  Without confusing this thread with a bunch of unnecessary details, after a bunch of logic and my wife and my phone being away for 20 minutes, the home goes to Away Mode.  This, of course, arms a bunch of sensors, turns off lights, etc.

Home Mode is activated after one of the phones returns and/or one of the doors are unlocked (Schlage). 

This logic has been working great....EXCEPT....when we have a babysitter/visitor over and her and I head out.  (Opps!)  We've received a few panic calls recently after being gone for >20 minutes.

Proposed Fix:
  • I've come up with logic to use Sonos to announce an impending "House Arm" about 5 minutes before the actual event.
  • I have an Aeotec ZW088-A (Gen5) Key Fob that I figured I could leave with our visitor (or hide somewhere in the home)
  • The idea is to have Sonos alert the visitor to push the home button to cancel the "Away Set".

  • Part of my "Inhibit Away" logic, is to use PLEG to set a Virtual Switch to "true" when a button on the Fob is pressed
  • What I've found is that PLEG sees the "Home Button" as "true" after the button push (good)
  • However, likely due to polling frequency, it never fob goes "false" again unless another button is pushed
  • This means I can never reset my Virtual Switch to return my logic to "non visitor" mode

Probably clear as mud.  I can certainly share logic.  But, in short, the fact that the button shows true infinitely means I can never reset my temporary ignore my iPhone/away logic.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 04:35:38 pm »
I use a combination of a Virtual Switch and a PLEG Timer to "override" certain automations in my house.  Forexample stop some of motion controlled lights in the downstairs of my house if I know I have house guests sleeping down there who don't want to fight with the lights coming on an off.
My PLEG logic checks the stats of the Virtual Switch to see if it should run the automation or not.
I also use PLEG Timer to control the Virtual Switch.
I would not leave it up to the baby sitter to turn off the automation, doing it yourself before you leave is a better idea.
If you want to hook this to up to a key fob I would do something like.
Press the Fob once to set the pleg timer (say for like 6 hours or something) which flips the Virtual Switch, temporarily disabling your automation until the timer runs out which then flips the Virtual Switch back on.
Hold the Fob button down, insteads just turns off the Virtual Switch, and then you only get your automation back when you manually change the Virtual Switch (or if you don't like that set the second timer on the pleg timer to be like 24 hours or something langer and association with the hold the button down).

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Re: Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2018, 04:48:43 pm »
Thanks Shallow.

Yeah, that'll work assuming I want to come back to the disarm button.  But, if I don't, Vera never sees the status of the Fob Button change.  And I know I'll forget....

So I came up with a hack for now.....

Just use the fob button to fire a scene manually.  This scene sets my V-Switch to TRUE and also announces that the impending "Alarm Arm" scenario has been suspended.  Then I use PLEG to inspect the V-Switch's status and run the appropriate logic/action to keep the house from going "Away".

To make sure I remember to reset this switch back to off (auto away), I just use PLEG to flip it off when the iPhones return back home.   This will allow the house to arm via auto-away the next time we leave - without having to remember to flip the v-switch and/or hit the fob again.

Using scenes is something I try to avoid (I personally like keeping things in PLEG), but I suppose it'll work for now.

Thanks for sharing your motion-suspend logic/ideas.  That'll actually be helpful for another/similar scenario I'm dealing with!

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Re: Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2018, 08:41:28 pm »
One more possible idea - use a schedule in PLEG if the babysitter schedule is set.

Another idea - what about a Fob that is given to the babysitter to be on the person's key chain. When the person is there, you can also get the benefit of knowing that. Also allows the person to leave (to walk the child/children, for instance) and set Away and back to Home when returned.

Last idea - the person's phone can be pinged by Vera using the Ping Sensor plug-in. When there, Vera can act accordingly. Am thinking of doing something like this for my kid's phones (they do not live with us). But they rarely are there when one of us is not there.
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Re: Using a Fob to Cancel an Auto Away Mode
« Reply #4 on: January 12, 2018, 09:56:33 pm »
Copy the phone presence logic and use it to turn the Babysitter virtual switch off.

This would let you have a house sitter over a weekend and still not worry about forgetting to reset the mode.