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Author Topic: Getting info from RS232/Wifi connected projector.. SiteSensor? Virtual Sensor?  (Read 270 times)

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I have a Epson projector connected by RS232 to a WEMOS ESP which is running ESP-Link. This enables me to communicate from Vera to the projector, and i'm currently turning it on and off using LUA commands.

The interface in ESP-Link is telnet on port 23, Which works fine for turning it on and off, as it's not dependent on any response from the projector.

What i would like to have, is to get the Hour count on the lamp, and the error status out in variables that is nice to look at in imperihome or similar GUI. I've tried some LUA code writing to the multistring plugin, but it just doesn't look good in Imperihome.

For the hour count, mabye Virtual Sensor in temperature mode (changing the icon manually in Imperihome) may work? If its possible to write values to it?

The error status comes back as a hex code that i translate to the correct sentence, but how do i best show this in the UI?

Can SiteSensor perhaps be used for some of this?

Any suggestions and ideas is appreciated. :)
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