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Author Topic: RFXCom Module  (Read 1472 times)

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RFXCom Module
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:58:35 pm »
I am new to Vera and looking for some assistance with using an RFXTRX433e module to control motorised blinds.  My blinds are branded "Tubular Motors" and operate on the 433.92 frequency with a 15 channel RF remote.  No matter what i try i cannot get them to be controlled by the RFX module using my Vera 3.  I have tried creating a "RFY" device and programming it that way as well as simply activating all of the plug-ins and then using the original remote to try and teach the RFX module the commands - when doing this each press of the button on the original remote creates a new device, albeit they come up as RFX Sensors, RFX Remote or RFX Lights, none of which allow me to control the blinds.  Any points in a direction for a solution would be greatly appreciated.  I am using UI7 and based on issues raised in this forum regarding RFX modules and the latest version of the firmware, version 1.7.963 of the firmware.  The RFX module is on version 1022.