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Author Topic: Weird Trane Thermostat Problem Today  (Read 1878 times)

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Weird Trane Thermostat Problem Today
« on: February 12, 2011, 02:23:54 pm »
I installed a Trane thermostat back in December, it has been working great until my morning scene at 8am today.

Around 10:30am I noticed it was getting very cold in the house, I looked at Homebuddy on my phone and the thermostat was set to 58 and the house temp was 64 at the time.  I figured something messed up with the 8am scene to raise the temp from 69 to 73 (my wife is always cold and insists on the temp at 73 or more while she is awake). 

I ran the scene and it is did not change the temp.

I went down and looked at the physical thermostat and the display was bouncing back and forth between the cool setpoint at 80 and the heat at 58.  I have the thermostat on heat, not auto btw.  I pushed the up button to raise the temp and it immediately lowered it back down again.

I figured the thermostat was flaking out on me and was thinking about what I was going to do for a thermostat because I can't get one of these things locally anywhere.  I pulled the thermostat to kill power to it and then plugged it back into the wall plate and it rebooted and started doing the same thing.

I decided to see if maybe Vera could be the problem.  All the lights on the Vera except wifi (I have it turned off) and eth2 were on (thought it was strange both USB lights were on, I do have a thumbdrive in USB1 for the logs). 

I pulled the plug on the Vera and went in and changed the setpoint on the thermostat and it remained.  When Vera rebooted everything was ok until the first time vera tried to talk the thermostat and then the odd behavior started again, Vera was constantly sending signals to the thermostat and it changed the setpoints to arbitrary values. 

I am not sure if something it messed up with the zwave in the thermostat and Vera is persistently trying to get acknowledgement and cannot, or what is going on.

I tried to submit a trouble ticket and got this response so I am not sure it went through;

Reporting issue from ap:  13412
Collecting logs...
. Network...
. System...
. Kernel...
. Zwave Status...
Compressing logs...
Compressed /etc/config /etc/firewall.user /etc/lighttpd /etc/lighttpd.conf /etc/lighttpd.users /etc/cmh /etc/cmh-ra /etc/cmh-lu /tmp/log /tmp/log.LuaUPnP /tmp/log.NetworkTroubleshoot /tmp/log.Provision /tmp/log.Report_AP /tmp/log.Rotate_Logs /tmp/log.SetupRemoteAccess /tmp/log.StartNetworkMonitor /tmp/log.branding /tmp/log.check_internet /tmp/log.cmh-ra-daemon /tmp/log.cmh-ra-keepalive /tmp/log.cmh_pnp.err /tmp/log.dmesg /tmp/log.freshinstall /tmp/log.lighttpd_error /tmp/log.logread /tmp/log.mios_firmware /tmp/log.mios_services /tmp/log.no_internet /tmp/log.platform_init /tmp/log.restart_zwave /tmp/log.sh /tmp/log.trouble_report /tmp/log.trouble_report_response /tmp/log.upgrade /tmp/logrotate_timestamp /tmp/log/cmh in /tmp/13412_troublereport.tar.gz
Submitting trouble report...
ERROR:Wrong response from server:

I guess I will disable my thermostat scenes and reboot vera, but if it polls the thermostat it will probably start doing the same thing.  I wonder if I can just turn off z-wave in the thermostat temporarily, I hate to go through removing the thermostat from vera altogether.

The only things I have changed with the thermostat in the past couple of days was to turn the fan from always on to auto (replaced a bad starter capacitor on my blower motor that was preventing it from spinning up on it's own).