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I have a zwave Aeon HEM, veraplus ui7.  It created three devices, the total power and then one for each of the two sensors.  I have it installed in my panel to measure my home's power usage.  After a few days the children stop being updated (the separate values), but the parent (total power) is still updated on a regular basis.    I think it is a Vera issue because the parent updates fine, the data is coming through, but the child devices stop. I have contacted Vera support and they cannot solve the problem.  One fix was to recreate the devices every 24 hours; that had the side effect of incrementing device ids and therefore all scenes and Power Arithmetic break every 24 hours.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?  or a possible solution?


Do a search in the forums and you will find several posting related to this.  I have posted several myself and have never solved the solution yet.  Several people have claimed to, but anybody I had contacted related to this still was having this very issue. My AEON HEM are GEN1.  I don't know if this issue occurs with the GEN5 version. 


I have the same issues with a Gen2 clamp. Typically after a Vera firmware update the child devices stop reporting. I found that doing a Reconfigure node right now on the main device gets things going again. However, the child devices get recreated with default names and different device ID numbers and thus braking scenes, datamine logging etc.

So I made this little script you can use. Configure it once with the correct values for the names and device IDs. Then when they stop again, do the Reconfigure node right now and get the newly assigned device IDs by altids e1,e2,e3. You plug the new device IDs in the script, run it and you are back in business. The script has values for mine in as an example.

Cheers Rene

I have learned that it only takes a reboot to lose the HEM children.  This can be detected by looking at the capability strings of the children and when they go null, they are broken.  I have captured this issue after a reboot and it appears to me it is probably a timing issue.  I thought at one time that restoring from a backup recreated the children, but I have not been successful and repeating this.

I wrote a script to detect the loss of the children and then i turn on a virtual switch when that happens so I get notified.  I wanted to create a script similar to what Rene did so thanks for providing that.


Hi Fitz,

Thanks for the pointer to the Capabilities. I added a notification on that so i can see when they get wiped.

Cheers Rene


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