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Author Topic: Luup Plugin: SQBlaster interface  (Read 2476 times)

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Luup Plugin: SQBlaster interface
« on: October 23, 2010, 04:40:19 pm »
ok, so I've pushed up my initial version of the SQBlaster codebase to:


The install instructions are very crude at the moment, and the code hasn't been tested for a while.  Basically this Plugin makes the SQBlaster "look" like a IRTransmitter1 Device to Vera/MiOS.  This interface is the one that MiOS uses to "detect and communicate" with IR Transmitter devices that can Send ProntoCodes (which the SQBlaster can do, in addition to it's existing catalog)

By implementing this interface, the SQBlaster will appear in all the same places that either a USB-UIRT or GC100 would within the MiOS UI.  Any IR-Remote devices that are built through the MiOS UI's can then be "attached" to the SQBlaster as the vehicle to "send" the codes out.


a) The [current] MiOS catalog of IR Devices is a LOT smaller than the one that ships with the SQRemote/SQBlaster combo
b) If you have the ProntoCodes, from sites like RemoteCentral, you can hand-build one of these IR-Remote devices in Vera (examples are somewhat lacking)
c) The IP Address given/attained by the SQBlaster must be fixed, since the Plugin requires an IP-Address and cannot [yet] use an mDNS name (so registration isn't as easy as the SQRemote's discovery interface)
d) The code hasn't been tested in a while, and @strangely reports a few kinks in using it lately...  I'd love to hear more details
e) The code hasn't been updated to the latest SQBlaster API's, and uses a legacy throwback API that might be causing (d)
f) The MiCasaVerde Team are building a real integration, which hopefully will fix all of the above ;-)