Author Topic: Vera secure reboot z-wave and the other services almost every time i use it  (Read 81 times)

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if I send a command from the phone or the computer to vera, for exempel to turn off a radiator, then it will restart almost every time, the device will be unavailable for a while and then start again, this i I am a waste of space upp the changes i send to the radiators as they only wake up every 900 seconds. so the change i sent want happen. 
this problem is on all other things in my z-wave network to, lamps/wall sockets etc  but they wake up very often so they normally get the command before vera restarts.
what can I do about this?  it's impossible to use schenes since only some orders get sent out before it restarts 

i added images of how it looks normally and how it looks when sending a command


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Hello there,

I see that you have an older ticket with our Customer Care team but nothing recent related to this matter.

Our customer care would love to have a look at this issue and sort this out. Contact details in my signature.
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Older ticket? i just got my first vera.
Ok i start a ticket regarding this matter