Author Topic: Including Fibaro FGK-101 with one-wire temperature probe  (Read 363 times)

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Including Fibaro FGK-101 with one-wire temperature probe
« on: February 10, 2018, 08:27:58 pm »
I recently purchased a Fibaro FGK-101 sensor and one-wire temperature probe.  It was a bear getting it included and functioning (and I've paired dozens of zwave devices, over several years, multiple vera devices, from UI5-UI7).  Here are some tips for including (at least on a Vera Lite with UI7):

1. Double check the wiring of the probe - some probes use green for ground while others use green for data.
2. Connect the probe BEFORE pairing the FGK-101 with Vera
3. Perform the inclusion process within a few feet of the Vera.
3. The instructions for including the FGK-101 on Vera state to simply tap the tamper switch 3 times to include.  Doing so will get the Vera to recognize the sensor, but it WILL NOT configure.  The device will be recognized, and may even exchange security keys, but it will never complete configuration (no matter how many times you wake it up with the button again later, attach the magnet, etc).  The KEY here is continuing to triple tap throughout the inclusion process.  Essentially, once the vera says add new devices, triple tap the tamper switch.  The FGK-101 will flash blue a few times.  When it's done flashing, it goes back to sleep - so triple tap it immediately again so it flashes again.  KEEP DOING THIS until Vera is done with the entire include process.  I literally messed around with this thing for hours trying every other possible manner of button presses after it was initially included to get it to configure and nothing worked.  The key seems to be the repeated triple taps during the initial inclusion.

I saw this process mentioned in an openhab forum and apparently it's the key to inclusion on vera too.  Good luck!

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Re: Including Fibaro FGK-101 with one-wire temperature probe
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2018, 08:35:51 pm »
Thanks! The tap-and-keep-alive seems to be common with Fibaro devices. I had to do the same thing with their door sensor with and external temperature probe.