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Author Topic: Edit Device .xml file for Thermostat?  (Read 3602 times)

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Edit Device .xml file for Thermostat?
« on: April 05, 2011, 08:32:40 pm »
Trying to figure out how to edit the D_HVAC_ZoneThermostat1.xml file for my Trane Thermostat device (only) so I can add the EmergencyHeatOn value that is in the S_HVAC_UserOperatingMode1.xml file but not enumerated in the main device file.  I can see where in the .xml file where I can add the option I need but not sure which files are modified.

Also, in the S_HVAC_FanOperatingMode1.xml, there is an option/value of PeriodicOn which would correspond to the 'CycleOn' function on the Trane but that doesn't seem to be in the Device file listed above.  So, even though my Trane is set for CycleOn, it shows in Vera as 'ContinuousOn'...

Where are these files located in the Vera and can I create a custom (renamed) Device file for my Trane unit...  
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