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Author Topic: Vera Internet Problems  (Read 1654 times)

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Vera Internet Problems
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:20:51 am »
Folks, have a very obscure networking problem that killed half of my weekend.
I have a vera1 running UI4 acting as my primary router
I've upgraded to fios nearly 2 months ago and everything has been running fine
Was worried that the increased speed would hose the WAN side, but it's been pretty usable under full load

Anyway, this weekend my vera kept dropping the internet.  rebooting no luck, tried the unplug WAN port replug and reapply network settings and it worked, but the Wi-Fi would not pick up any clients. Reboots did not work.  the advanced openwrt page says that NAS package was required.  I installed that with no luck.  then removed it.  Did a power cycle, I can now get in through Wi-Fi, but WAN is down.  did the unplug WAN port replug and reapply network settings trick and WAN worked, but Wi-Fi would not.  I dropped Wi-Fi to no authentication and that worked, but unacceptable. It seemed I could only have one or the other.

I did a factory network reset in the networking setup screen and that was not good!  Instead of just changing settings back it wiped out all of my settings like root passwd, host table, wol scripts, SSID, FW rules, but strangely left other files like ethers. Either way I got the same results.

Next I did a back-up and FW reload, but kept my settings.  Still no luck (this was going on a half-day now). Somehow before I went to bed, I got everything to work, but I did not reboot as I feared I would get the same problems.  So set some downloads up to stress the router and things failed again in the morning.

A lot more tinkering and no luck so I to do the double black button push.  It did a reset but but still no luck.  Then last night I decided to do a full FW reload with a full factory reset.  Reloaded all of my settings and files and restored the z-wave backup (which worked really well).  So far this has worked the best.  I can do reboots now and everything works every time, but after a stress test last night my internet connection failed again.  I did a reboot and thankfully everything worked. Ok.  It seems that stressing the WAN ports seem to knock the internet out.  I'm stumped.  My next step is to throttle my downloads and continue to test.

What's mysterious is that this just happened suddenly and I even wonder if its fios.  It's been very solid until yesterday.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Vera Internet Problems
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2012, 10:49:10 am »
Hmmm, I wonder if fios is dropping the connection and to get it back a lease needs to be reestablished. Not going to like the suggestion, but give it a few days and see if it still acts up?

- Garrett