Author Topic: Direct association with Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro Double Switch?  (Read 264 times)

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Argh! :S

I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor and a Fibaro Double Switch connected to two different lights in the basement.

I want to use the motion sensor to turn on one of the lights when it detects motion and turn the light off when no motion has been detected for example 5 minutes.

I can do this by setting up a scene but I would instead like to use a direct association.

I have tried to add a association under Device Options on the motion sensor. I use Group ID 1 (the manual states "1st Association Group is assigned to the device status ? sending the BASIC SET control frame to the associated devices having detected motion.") and then "Set to" to the Fibaro Double Switch. Because the Fibaro Double Switch have two inputs I use Multi-channel association number 2.

This does not work. The motion sensor is configured with the settings and register motion, but the lights are not controlled.

Have anyone succeeded in associating a Fibaro Motion Sensor with a Fibaro Double Switch?