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Author Topic: How to use right the device variable CommFailure / PollNoReply / PollTxFail  (Read 3675 times)

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I am trying to understand the working of  the device variable   CommFailure  / PollNoReply / PollTxFail  .
When adding a Zwave switch device ( in my case  the Everspring AN157 and AN158) these variables do not show up in its Device Advance tab immediately, but after a heal they show up.
I  wrote some Luup code in a scene to send a email notification at a timer event if a device is not operating  due to a power failure on its power line.
The code looks like this:
Code: [Select]
local switch=13
local lul_comm = luup.variable_get("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1","CommFailure",switch)
if (lul_comm=="1")
“send Email”
When my Vera  V2 unit is set  to change the on/off state of the device,  but the device is not responding, then the variable CommFailure is set to 1. 
When Vera is polling the device  and getting no response the variable  CommFailure stays 0, although in the UI4 the device is indicating having a communication failure too.      Why  ?
 When the device gets its power again then I would expect  to see the variable CommFailure back to 0  after a device state change by Vera. Sometimes this is the case but sometimes Commfailure stays to 1 .   What it happening here ?.
I would expect also that the variable PollNoReply and PollTxFail would indicate a figure other than nil when the device cannot be polled. These values stays to nil.
 The  Alerter for Drowsy Devices tool developed by Ape15  makes also use of   PollNoreply and PollTxFail variable to compute a failure rate.  But in my case only PollOk  is giving figures. PollNoreply and PollTxfail stay nil.
Somebody has a clue  for me?