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Author Topic: Using Vera with internet and/or a connection to our server  (Read 1607 times)

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Using Vera with internet and/or a connection to our server
« on: June 23, 2011, 08:54:39 pm »
There were some concerns mentioned in another thread that "In UI4 without creating an account, you really cant do much of anything at all....   Why cant we select our own SMS gateway/NTP/Mail IMAP/POP/DDNS/Tunnel configurations (as advanced options)?"

Just to go on record, it's our goal to make Vera as fully functional as we can *without* requiring a connection to our servers.  Unlike some of our competitors products that have monthly fees, we provide all the servers and online services at no charge.  So the online services are an expense for us -- not a profit center.  We do not ask for personally identifying information (like name and address), or any useful demographics (like income and shopping habits).  So there is absolutely nothing in it for us in providing these online services.  It's just an expense.  We provide those services for users who want them, but do absolutely nothing to force users to use our online services.  We have no reason to.

Vera should work just fine even if it's not connected to the internet.  You can still add/remove devices, create scenes, timers, events, etc.,. without even connecting an internet cable (although we recommend you do connect it so that your Vera upgrades to the latest firmware).  And for the super advanced users who want to do their own advanced networking, we intentionally give users full access to their Vera's file system and the ability to make any changes at all.  For those Linux advanced users, you can ssh in and the unique root password for each Vera is printed on the bottom of it.  It's the same as the wi-fi password.

The online services are there simply to make it easier for novice users to get going with a minimal learning curve.  The vast majority of our users don't really care about configuring their own SSH Tunnels or Internet Relay.  They just want to go to a website, type a username and password, and get access to their home system.  So for those users we provide the online services.  But we don't try to force users to use the online services if they don't want to.