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Author Topic: CP.MIOS.COM logs me into the wrong VERA2 (user/pass is correct)  (Read 7615 times)

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Re: CP.MIOS.COM logs me into the wrong VERA2 (user/pass is correct)
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2011, 05:21:23 am »
You mention what you cannot do when you do not create an account, but you havent stated why those limitations are excluded, or limited from a user perspective.... Why cant we select our own SMS gateway/NTP/Mail IMAP/POP/DDNS/Tunnel configurations (as advanced options)?
1.You can set your own NTP/DDNS configurations as advanced options.
2.Since Vera is a light embedded device, it doesn't have yet its own mail program or option to send notifications.
All the notifications are send from our servers using our email and sms accounts, but with the improvement of the base OS and our software we'll want to give the customers the option to send email/sms directly from their unit. Since we don't charge for any of those services, adding this feature directly into the vera unit will be a benefit for us and also for the users, it's just a matter of time and priorities.
PS: IMAP and POP are used for receiving emails, probably you're referring at the option to set your own SMTP server and account.
3.The UI2 users concept was confusing for some users: you had a findvera.com account, you had local users and you had notifications users, in UI4 we tried to merge all of those together, and in order to synchronize the changes made on the server on the unit we need to have this tunnel opened.
You can easily disable the tunnel (http://LOCAL_VERA_IP/cgi-bin/cmh/remove_ra.sh), but all the changes made on the server will be synchronized once at 24 hours only to your unit.

Even the threads created to show how to disable the tunnel -or- have the unit running without an internet connection, users are seeing that the box relies heavily on web based content and causes issues when running in these configurations.  Its not that its not possible to hack to do what you want, its that its not created with these things in mind, instead assuming all users will WANT to use your so called 'optional' services.
Most of the users will want to have a history of their events, pictures attached to motion detected events, logs of energy consumption, all of this can't be stored on a 8/16Mb memory, and don't know how many users have their own ftp server, web server, smtp server, but with time we'll try to add this options for the advanced users also.