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Author Topic: Elk M1 (and M1 M1EZ8) Alarm Panel Plugin  (Read 176451 times)

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Re: Elk M1 (and M1 M1EZ8) Alarm Panel Plugin
« Reply #615 on: November 02, 2018, 08:12:45 pm »
For what it?s worth, I too tried the Ness plugin when I was troubleshooting my issues after the latest update to the elk m1 plugin.  My vera was also extremely slow with the Ness plugin - it appeared to be working but responses were very very sluggish.  I uninstalled it and fixed the elk plugin (as described above) and everything went back to normal.

For those of you that want to roll back - you can find the various versions of the .lua files on the github page for the Elk m1 plugin - as I mentioned, correcting the lines relating to the keypad loop fixed the issues for me.  For reference, I only have 4 keypads but I also have a supervised aux power supply which shows up as address 16 (by default) on the keypad bus, which was causing my issue.  You should be able to get a better idea of what?s causing your problems by looking at the logs.

I too have an aux power supply.  Perhaps that was my problem.  I didn't think of using the git rollback but did restore vera backups from before the issues and they didn't fix the issue.

About 3 weeks ago when this broke I tried a few fixes then I loaded a trial homeseer because I could not live without Elk connection working.  I like that the HS3 RadioRa2 plugin has a lot more functionality.  I had tried HS3 about a year ago when something else broke on Vera but had trouble with sonos on HS3 and eventually the Vera issue was resolved so I didn't continue after the trial ended.  I had trouble with Sonos on Homeseer the first time but this time around figured out it wasn't running as administrator in windows.  I just purchased a HS3 licence during their November sale and I unplugged my Vera about a week ago. Vera had been doing a lot of work for me and I had a ton of devices but repairing the setup every few months as too much.  I had stopped using most of my Z wave stuff it had too much latency.  I'm just getting started on HS3 but I'll be curious if Z wave improves vs. Vera or stays the same.  I'd really like to thank Zoot for all the work on this plugin but the broken Sonos announcements followed by the recent Elk issues were enough for me.  I may plug my vera back in if I ever need zigbee or one of the other radios and use HS3 to control it but doubt that will happen.  For the record, I have had a Vera 2, Vera 3, and Vera Plus.

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Re: Elk M1 (and M1 M1EZ8) Alarm Panel Plugin
« Reply #616 on: November 03, 2018, 07:34:30 pm »
It is a pity, it seems half the problems with the Vera are due to third party plugins- maybe not the Vera itself.
I too have changed controller and have not looked back, everything now just works.
For what it is worth, the Vera tech support team have been friendly and helpful. Hopefully the issues can be resolved in the future, I will keep the Vera in the cupboard and see what the future holds for it.

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Re: Elk M1 (and M1 M1EZ8) Alarm Panel Plugin
« Reply #617 on: January 20, 2019, 08:46:23 pm »
Apologies all I just haven't got the time I used to have to put to much time into the plugin. For those that are still using it I will try and fix the issues as time allows.